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Email verification

Provide effective Campaigns

Project Detail

A small sized software firm that manufactured several apps for people in the field of marketing was finding it very difficult to find a foothold in the market place. They tried mass advertising, email campaigns to known companies and their marketing heads etc. nothing seemed to work.

Boosting Tool

Data engravers took up the data that the company had invested so much money, time and resources in to pick up sales and what we saw was 80% data redundancy. The companies had either replaced the professionals that the software firms were in touch with or that person had moved roles. The email IDs were no more valid. We at data engravers worked in verifying the records and replacing 100% of the redundant data with clean ones and also helped the company design a new campaign for the next promotions.

Impressive Results

The campaign not only did well in terms of reaching the right target audience but also had an overwhelming positive response and hence improved sales.
Data engravers not only replaced bad records with good ones but also worked on giving the client a whole new list of prospective clients.
The software firm has ever since partnered with Data Engravers for all its data needs and has also entrusted us with the task of designing and running all their marketing campaigns.

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