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Data Cleansing

Improve database accuracy

Project Detail

A leading book house in New York was running into a flurry of failed campaigns in its effort to get more footfalls for new book launches. They wondered why the mailers sent out to the customers weren’t being received well. They initially thought it was an issue with their marketing techniques and communication strategy and made several futile attempts with different strategies but none really worked.

Boosting Tool

When they approached Data Engravers we had just one question to ask them. How old is your customer data file?
The client wasn’t even sure how backdated that data was. We took up the case and upon cleansing the data found out that the book house was spending substantial money on promotions on dead or rather totally redundant data. 60% of the customer base did not live in that locality or had stopped using the given email addresses.


We not only cleaned the data to give them usable valid file but also added prospective customer data from the same locality with the help of purchase history and available records of consumer data.

The book house used this file to send their next promotional mailer and they were amazed that they had more than 90% positive response with increased footfalls and increase in sales.

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