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Email Verification


Email communication could turn out to be futile, if the email id is incorrect and the bounce rate is considerable. The details about the efforts and money spent towards email campaigning could soon turn to be an eye sore for many organizations. A well-planned, targeted and accurate source of email contacts is the need of the hour.

Data Engravers email verification process is an effective tool for verifying email addresses. Apart from finding out whether an email address is real or not, it connects to mail server to ensure that the mailbox really exist for that user/address.

  • Verify email addresses
  • Remove invalid emails
  • Remove spam traps
  • Remove black hole emails
  • Remove catchall emails

Success Factors

Efficient & Productive

Drastically cut your email bounce rates, thereby improving email delivery as well as inbox rates.

High Visibility

We help you to improve open as well as click-through rates, resulting in better visibility.

Save Money

Bring down costs of sending campaigns to invalid and non-existing email addresses.

Task Automation

Save time as well as minimize headaches by automating the activity of pruning email list data.

Effective Campaigns

Our email verification service helps you to qualify your leads and also segment customer emails for better campaigning.

Our Capabilities

Email marketing could be a great way to boost response with your direct marketing initiatives. But, the email addresses need to be real and authentic. We offer multitude of services to verify the email addresses you present to us and we also append missing information.

Our email verification capabilities:

  • We help you to validate your customer emails to catch typo errors and/or fake accounts.
  • Integrate email verification into any custom application from point-of-service emails collection to online as well as mobile applications.
  • We help removing invalid email addresses from your database and other business records by checking domain, format and SMTP details.
  • We offer bulk email verification and use the results to import your validated emails back into your preferred email marketing service.

Data Appending

Incomplete or inaccurate dataset could cause innumerous troubles to a business. Appending data is a mature process of filling in voids in datasets with accurate as well as latest data.

Email Appending

Data Engravers possesses rich experience and expertise in fixing the missing or changed or hashed Email addresses. Moreover, your authentic email list is also increased in one complete swoop.

Social Media Appending

Social media marketing could turn out to be a bottleneck for many businesses as they lack the right marketing strategy for social media platforms. Moreover, missing information could add more woes. 

Firmographic Appending

Firmographic appending is all about each lead’s individual role, organization, industry, as well as organizational maturity level. Firmographic appending process adds vital data elements to customer and prospecting base to facilitate better personas and enhance results.

Case Studies

Here is the few example of how we studied our client’s problems and provided successful solving solutions.

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