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Social Media Appending

Social Media Appending

Social marketing is stated to be at a crossroads. Many B2C marketers intuitively know that it is working but can’t articulate how. That’s because, most of them have launched their social programs without a proper strategy.

  • Forrester’s Executive Overview in The Social Marketing Playbook For 2018.

Quite often, social media marketing could turn out to be a bottleneck for many businesses as they lack the right marketing strategy for social media platforms. Moreover, missing information could add more woes. Data Engravers is an expert in social media appending. We help appending social media contact details from diverse social networks.

  • Append contact LinkedIn Handles
  • Append company LinkedIn handles
  • Append contacts Facebook ID
  • Append companies Facebook ID
  • Append other social media ID of the company

Success Factors

More contacts

Powerful social media appending service such that you can engage better prospects through exploring popular social networks.

Better brand image

Come up with a multichannel approach to promote a better brand image of your business.

Business opportunities

More social media contacts converts into more new business opportunities.

Cost advantage

Spend less money on postage and printing costs for your marketing campaigns.

Our Capabilities

With social profile data appending, we help you to initiate interactive conversations with your prospects and build better connections.

  • We add Facebook handles, IDs, profile URLs and more to your customer list facilitating highly effective multichannel marketing campaigns.
  • We possess proven expertise in tapping all major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on to help you reach more customers.
  • Offering Social Media Appending on your present database or providing you with the social media contacts of your target customers.
  • We offer professional advice on the most appropriate social media platforms for you to reach prospective clients that will respond positively to your marketing campaigns.

Data Appending

Incomplete or inaccurate dataset could cause innumerous troubles to a business. Appending data is a mature process of filling in voids in datasets with accurate as well as latest data.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing or data cleaning is the function of detecting as well as rectifying (or removing) corrupt or incorrect records and involves identifying imperfect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then changing, replacing or deleting coarse data.

Cell Phone Number Appending

The Data Engravers Cell Phone Number Appending service includes access to one of the largest databases of cellular telephone numbers. We maintain the most authoritative as well as accurate source of cell phone numbers available in the phone append industry.

Firmographic Appending

Firmographic appending is all about each lead’s individual role, organization, industry, as well as organizational maturity level. Firmographic appending process adds vital data elements to customer and prospecting base to facilitate better personas and enhance results.

Case Studies

Here is the few example of how we studied our client’s problems and provided successful solving solutions.

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