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Firmographic Appending


Firmographic appending is all about each lead’s individual role, organization, industry, as well as organizational maturity level. Firmographic appending process adds vital data elements to customer and prospecting base to facilitate better personas and enhance results.

At Data Engravers, we possess rich expertise in bringing in unique customer personas, giving you better insight about your prospects. We ensure that you know more than your customers’ names when you get complete, contextually appropriate data.

  • Append right industry type and keyword
  • Append SIC/NAICS codes
  • Append current revenue and employee size
  • Append if Private/Public/Non-Profit
  • Append Website URL/Fortune Listing

Success Factors

Save time & money

We ensure that you will get enhanced and accurate record information and 100% of our records come with company phone numbers.


We help you to keep your customer list is accurate, current and reliable.

Better Campaigns

Enhance campaign effectiveness by better understanding your customers and prospects.

Increased Efficiency

We help you to bring down the number of inaccurate marketing pieces as well as unnecessary telemarketing calls.

Track essential KPIs

Make necessary changes based on the data which is collected and ensure that your sales cycle is robust and effective.

Our Capabilities

Data Engravers’ industry append process enables you to realize the objective of complete market personalization. Fortifying with the business intelligence you need to succeed, we leave no stone unturned to provide topnotch Firmographic Appending services.

Our key Firmographic Appending capabilities:

  • Our Firmographic data is validated utilising multi-sourced, verified information from our associates and we validate it with our proprietary database containing millions of authentic records.
  •  After receiving only the company name and address, we tell you the annual revenue, total number of employee, number of branches, regional branch size, site employee size, and so on.
  • Our Firmographic data helps you to do an in-depth analysis about your target organization such as social media channels they are present on, their content marketing strategies, customer engagement, business partnerships and more.
  • We also offer monthly updates and real-time turnaround so that you will be abreast about your target companies.

Data Appending

Incomplete or inaccurate dataset could cause innumerous troubles to a business. Appending data is a mature process of filling in voids in datasets with accurate as well as latest data.

Email Appending

Data Engravers possesses rich experience and expertise in fixing the missing or changed or hashed Email addresses. Moreover, your authentic email list is also increased in one complete swoop.

Social Media Appending

Social media marketing could turn out to be a bottleneck for many businesses as they lack the right marketing strategy for social media platforms. Moreover, missing information could add more woes. 

Email Verification

Email communication could turn out to be futile, if the email id is incorrect and the bounce rate is considerable. The details about the efforts and money spent towards email campaigning could soon turn to be an eye sore for many organizations. A well-planned, targeted and accurate source of email contacts is the need of the hour.

Case Studies

Here is the few example of how we studied our client’s problems and provided successful solving solutions.

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