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Data Cleansing


In today’s complex as well as dynamic business environment, it is crucial that organizations have exhaustive processes in place to identify, infer, control, remediate and maintain quality data.

Data cleansing or data cleaning is the function of detecting as well as rectifying (or removing) corrupt or incorrect records and involves identifying imperfect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then changing, replacing or deleting coarse data. In today’s complex as well as dynamic business environment, it is crucial that organizations have exhaustive processes in place to identify, infer, control, remediate and maintain quality data.

  • Remove clusters
  • Remove duplicates
  • Remove wrong tags
  • Remove incomplete information
  • Remove irrelevant data

Success Factors


A database with accurate, trustworthy and duplicate-free records. Accurate addresses imply better responses and in turn better RoI.

Flexible Integration

Efficiently integrating international address check with your regular business applications.

Less Marketing Costs

Decaying business databases are thing of past. Enhanced integrity of business data by identifying as well as removing moved address or closed businesses, resulting in considerably less marketing efforts.


No individual/organisation will receive the same offer more than once accidentally. Bringing down mailing costs associated with inaccurate data.


Ensuring compliance with data regulations as laid by the authorities removing the risk of financial liabilities.

Size doesn’t matter

Capable of taking up small to medium cleansing projects with less data quantities, as well as organisation-wide cleansing of considerably large data volumes.

Unicode Advantage

Different written characters and country-specific character sets can be handled efficiently to present a uniform, no-nonsense information.

Our Capabilities

Data Engravers offers you with a variety of data processing services to clean and update your business as well as consumer data files.

  • Agile data cleaning tools and techniques to deliver quality data from messy data.
  • Extracting customer data from the diverse sources such as databases, files applications and systems.
  • Validating, correcting, formatting and normalising addresses world-wide in batch processing.
  • De-duplicating customer data with standard matching algorithms and country-based knowledge bases.
  • Error-tolerant matching of address-specific elements against international reference data
  • Aggregating and consolidating your customer data to create a trustworthy record.
  • Converting data formats as well as dataset structures into a preferred target format.
  • Loading cleansed customer data into one or more target systems – with the focus on swift as well as efficient processing of mass data.

Data Appending

Incomplete or inaccurate dataset could cause innumerous troubles to a business. Appending data is a mature process of filling in voids in datasets with accurate as well as latest data.

Email Appending

Data Engravers possesses rich experience and expertise in fixing the missing or changed or hashed Email addresses. Moreover, your authentic email list is also increased in one complete swoop.

Social Media Appending

Social media marketing could turn out to be a bottleneck for many businesses as they lack the right marketing strategy for social media platforms. Moreover, missing information could add more woes. 

Firmographic Appending

Firmographic appending is all about each lead’s individual role, organization, industry, as well as organizational maturity level. Firmographic appending process adds vital data elements to customer and prospecting base to facilitate better personas and enhance results.

Case Studies

Here is the few example of how we studied our client’s problems and provided successful solving solutions.

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