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Our Services

Our Services

Data Cleansing

The 80: 20 Rule: 80% of data scientists’ time is spent towards cleaning as well as manipulating data, while only 20% of their time is spent for analyzing it.

Data Appending

Fix all errors and gaps in your customer database and fortify your campaigns with fresh as well as updated data.

E-mail Appending

Thanks to accurate e-mail address – shed Snail Mail mode and Hit for quick, productive and positive e-mail responses…

E-mail Verification

Worried about the unusual bounce rate? Gain significant improvement in sound and valid e-mail addresses through E-mail verification services.

Cell Phone Number Appending

Comprehensive directory information and proprietary databases to provide compiled cell phone and telephone number listings….

Firmographic appending

Get your lead’s individual role, company, industry, as well as organizational maturity level, and more…

Social Media Appending

Social Media is everything! Presenting elusive social media account information to connect with your customers the way they want.

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